Gi’me a High Five, Jesus!

Natalie has been super into reading lately. I am so excited for her to have a love of language like I do! And it’s looking like she will have a relationship with Jesus like mine too, which is super awesome. The other day we were reading her children’s Bible stories, and she stopped me at the last page, where there was a picture of Jesus with his arms held high. She said, “Mom, I will read this!” and she pointed to the words. She read (as well as any three year old can- by making up the words to match the pictures) “And everyone was happy, happy, happy! Now give me a high five!” And she slapped the outstretched hands of Jesus.

We have been building up to this morning for a little over a week. My first real job, Natalie’s first long day in school. She’s never gone more than about 5 hours a day, never a whole 5 day week. Including my commute time, she is looking at a 45 hour week in daycare. I’m the one who was a mess. I almost just called the whole thing off.

As I was putting her shoes on her she said, “Hey mom, do you know what to say when you are scared?” It was as if she knew I was feeling all the feels. She said, “Goodbye fear! God is here! That’s what you say, Mom.”

Yes. And do you know what to say when you have the coolest, smartest, most intuitive three year old known to man? “Give me a high five, Jesus!”


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