Bold Courage. Fearless Love.

Always have faith. Never give up joy. See the subtle. Notice the hidden. Abandon the zero sum. Be bold. Have courage. Remain fearless. Unconditionally love. 

Saving Cheetahs

Natalie’s favorite animal is the Cheetah and for the next 40 days we are celebrating them with a fact a day about Cheetahs. We are bringing awareness and attention to the dire situation these beautiful animals are in. The species is near extinction. There are less than 7500 cheetahs living in the wild today. Without urgent action and support there is a good chance that, by the time Natalie has a daughter, there will be no cheetahs.

I WANT TO KNOW MORE about cheetahs!

When Natalie learned that cheetahs were endangered she immediately said, “MOM!!! We HAVE to help them!!! WE’VE GOT TO SAVE THE CHEETAHS!!”

So, I did some research about the various ways to help and found the Cheetah Conservation Fund. I compared this organization to other options and hands down, Dr. Laurie Marker and her work is absolutely passionate and dedicated. They created International Cheetah Day and the timing was perfect to start a 40 day countdown as our first line of creating awareness. We are organizing other plans, events, and ideas as well. Be sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest to see where we go with this!



2 thoughts on “Bold Courage. Fearless Love.”

  1. Melinda- I love this! We talk about these verses with the kids at Streams of Hope all the time- you can always bring it back to this in any situation you face. Such amazing words! You are a gifted writer. I have enjoyed reading your blog and your FB posts. We need to connect soon!


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