What is Bold Courage?

Being courageous in today’s society is often associated with being resilient, persevering, facing fears head-on, taking on consequences, being heroic.

However, when we closely examine the word we find a meaning beyond heroism.

The word “courage” takes root in the latin word, cor, and the french word, coeur, which means heart. Digging deeper, the meaning of the word heart holds the essence of soul, spirit, will, desire, mind, intellect. It is the biological word that represents the physical organ pumping blood through our bodies, giving us strength and life. Heart is the “inner part” of anything.

That root word, coeur, or heart, our innermost being, is followed by the old french term -age, the word-forming element that creates an act, process, function, or condition of a noun. This element comes from late latin -aticum, meaning, “belonging to, related to.”

Belonging to or related to our inner most being. Courage.

Boldness is to move forward despite barriers or fears we may experience. It’s the ability to speak the truth, and perform a task without concern of the consequences. Being “bold” is to concentrate on our character and follow our call with passion and conviction regardless of what the results may be.

Bold Courage. Regardless of the consequences, I will be true to my innermost being, God.

Bold Courage. Fully devoted to God in heart, soul, mind, and strength.


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