What is Bold Courage?

Being courageous in today’s society is often associated with being resilient, persevering, facing fears head-on, taking on consequences, being heroic. However, when we closely examine the word we find a meaning beyond heroism. The word “courage” takes root in the latin word, cor, and the french word, coeur, which means heart. Digging deeper, the meaning… Read More

Dear Mr. God

Natalie was looking at my Bible the other day and said, “God is inside this book, right Mom?” It made me wonder what she might think about God, and Jesus, and the Bible. Kids have such a literal view of everything, and the slightest comment made, that we may not even think was heard, could… Read More

The Breakdown

It happened in the bookstore. I had chosen a comfy chair in a semi-hidden corner. I wanted to just enjoy being with the books. I love to look at them, stacked high all around me. So many stories, each one a different example of someone’s genius, but also a representation of something tangible created by… Read More

Endless Joy

I think the hardest thing about life is that we can’t control any of it. We don’t get to decide when we are tested in life or when we are rewarded. We don’t get to prepare for a specific moment. So we are left with two choices. We can put our faith in God, and… Read More