WE’VE GOT TO SAVE THE CHEETAHS!!! … and then the rest of the world…

Natalie is 4. She loves Cheetahs and saw a display about endangered animals at an art show. She saw that Cheetahs are “in danger” and wanted to race to Africa to save the Cheetahs from the danger -right away! She even cried on the way home from the art show because Dad was out of town- she assumed we would be leaving for Africa immediately to save the Cheetahs from the danger! She said we could just bring them to our home where they would be safe from danger. I explained we can’t do that, but there are people who work to protect the “endangered” Cheetahs and we could help raise money they need. Natalie was on board for ANYTHING we could do to help the cheetahs. (And I think she was also a little relieved knowing she didn’t have to go all super-hero status that day and face dangers!)

I found the Cheetah Conservation Fund and decided to do a 40 day campaign leading up to International Cheetah Day, to get attention. We are working with her cousins to write a children’s book about a Cheetah cub who wants to run fast like her mother, but is told she’s too little and will never run as fast as her mother. It will have some detailed scientific facts about Cheetahs and will incorporate some faith based principles and personal inspirational stories from people who have been told they had limits but became limitless. We are also planning to do a vendor booth selling crafts like hair bows, slime, excavation kits, and homemade educational games.

I haven’t worked any numbers but I am thinking we will donate about 1/4 of profits to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. I want to keep some of the profits to ensure I can give my time to this and not have to worry about expenses. That way we can grow the project, or start another type of business for kids to learn about entrepreneurship. Or we can start some kind of project to assist moms who want to stay home with their kids but can’t. Or maybe we can start a school based on directs learning theories. Or maybe build a nursing home that incorporates the community and children as a core part of its operations. I don’t know. But I do know with Bold Courage and Fearless Love that anything is possible.


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