“What’s the vision for your blog?” It was a really good question. But I didn’t have a good answer.

I do have a vision.

It’s of me being awesome, happily walking in faith and sharing it, while also having a law firm, selling houses, starting small businesses, doing exercise, smelling essential oils, partnering in an Amazon fba, cooking in cast iron, and homeschooling a kid that eats fresh organic lettuce for breakfast every day.

The reality?

Where I am, – isn’t quite the God fearing, lettuce gobbling, homeschooling mom, picture of entrepreneurial perfection that I wish I was.

To be honest, and completely unguarded, I am:

  • a girl on a de-clutter and organize mission of perfection- despite being overwhelmed in softly medicated adhd, messiness, lateness, forgetfulness, and lacking most basic executive functions;
  • a licensed attorney with a passion for bringing affordable, accessible legal help to the world- yet I am severely conflict avoidant and terrified of commitment;
  • a doting stay-at-home mom who is a very distracted, working, semi-employed professional realtor.  I am also addicted to the internet and still always ignore calls from local numbers I don’t recognize;
  • an unschool/homeschool advocate/wannabe with a great respect and desire to be involved in our local public school system;
  • obsessed with reading and studying in all things related to growing in faith, person, marriage, business, and community but I still have an obvious, chronic and debilitating problem with procrastination and sleeping late;
  • deeply committed to using non-toxic cleaning and personal care products but I spray copious amounts of toxic bug and spider killing spray. Everywhere. All the time;
  • a hugely motivated and inspired visionary with multiple, viable business ideas and plans for progress but I suffer from cyclical bouts of debilitating pain, fatigue, and hopeless depression that basically destroys everything I work for each month;
  • a sugar-hating, clean-eating, we-don’t-have-a-microwave millennial-ish idealist with an addiction to Oreos, boxed Mac and Cheese, and anything gluten- even though it always makes me feel like crap;
  • a yoga bending, meditating, lavender oil huffing hippie with a deep connection to my red-neck, two-track, mud-hole heritage and I do find the occasional ice cold can of Busch Light in a hot shower to be deeply relaxing. (I honestly thought I invented the concept of “shower beer” but actually, a lot of people beat me to it.)

So once I thought about it, the vision of this blog isn’t about sharing the things I am interested in becoming. It’s not about presenting the image of perfection that I most certainly am not. (Yet)

The vision of this blog is of sharing the raw and real thoughts and feelings about the demons we battle with.

It’s a vision of sharing the honest and vulnerable experience of learning to persevere.

It’s a vision of sharing the exciting milestones of growing in faith with laughter, love, and joy while recognizing and being open about the doubt, pain, hard work, and disappointment that it takes to get there.

The vision of the blog, and this community, is to start an open and unguarded conversation about the gap between who we really are and who we really wish we were.

The vision of this blog is to look at that gap and know that the gap makes us what we are.

We are:

Bold enough in Courage that we keep going, despite our shortfalls and imperfections; and

Fearless enough in Love to trust that those shortfalls and imperfections are part of God’s perfect creation in us. And that will never fall short.

We are, Bold Courage. Fearless Love.



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