Beginning and Becoming

This was the first blog post of Bold Courage. Fearless Love. published probably about two years ago but somehow lost in the WordPress mystery land of do-it-yourself-ness.

Bold Courage. Fearless Love. Everlasting Joy. is a story about living with intention and purpose. I am a spiritual christian, a wife to Nick, a mom to Natalie, a caretaker to Grandma, a left-handed, o-neg, E/I NTP,  ADHD, rogue lawyer, realtor, idea slinging writer. 

Right now I live my live with a 94 year old and a 3 year old. It’s a world where Mary Poppins and the Golden Girls meet. And I love it. Hands down, I could listen to toddler gibberish and eat ice cream with Grandma every single day for the rest of my life.

Sadly, I won’t get to do that.

One keeps moving faster, growing stronger, learning more, and looking to the future.

The other keeps moving slower, growing weaker, forgetting more, and looking to the past.

Time with both of them is fleeting and precious to me.

The reality is that this won’t –it can’t- last forever, and nobody can pay me to miss this.

BUT- nobody will pay me to do this.

My personality, my situation, and my purpose require uncapped income potential, unlimited control over my time, and the ability to do something I love. 

I don’t have enough time to trade for dollars, and there aren’t enough dollars to make me. I won’t settle for less than freedom. 

So, I started this blog as an experiment in passive and residuary income; the complete opposite of trading time for dollars.

But really, I’m just telling stories. Really good, tear jerker, laugh out loud, move you to action stories. 

And sometimes, boring run of the mill, “OMG another gluten free tragedy happened in the Schmuck household,” stories. Toddler. Grandma. Gluten Sensitivity is all the rage. Poop happens here. And yes. Our last name is Schmuck. Have a good laugh. I’m also a lawyer. So yeah, great jokes in my life all around.

Bold Courage.

Fearless Love.

Everlasting Joy. 

Bold courage is what it takes to look your parents, your friends, your facebook profile, in the eye, and say, “Yeah. I did go to law school. I did pass the bar. That’s great. But I hate it. So I quit.” I am in the process of going rogue and making the practice of law happen on MY TERMS.

Fearless love is what it takes to say, “I really want to be a stay at home mom and I think it would be cool to have Grandma come live with us so I can take care of her, too.”

Bold courage is what it takes to clip a 94 year old’s toenails.

Fearless love is what it takes to turn her embarrassment into a mani-pedi with her great granddaughter.

Bold Courage is what it takes to put this story out there into the world with the faith and hope that it would manifest the results I wanted. 

Fearless Love is to put the story out there anyways

Grandma and Natalie are daily, physical reminders of the passage of time. Life is short you guys. Just do what you want. Live in joy. And share it.

Be bold. Have courage. Be fearless. Have love. Create hope and be a picture of everlasting joy. 


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