Trying to Take Candy From A Baby This Halloween? Here’s How!!

A sugar free Halloween? When she sees the candy will she really be willing to give it all away?

Do you need a GENIUS way to get your kid to WILLINGLY trade all of their Halloween candy for a healthier non-food, non-sugar compromise??
🍬 🍭 OR- How about a sneaky way to steal your kid’s Halloween candy with ZERO guilt or consequences?

Because let’s face it, there’s two kinds of moms out there and our motives are each a little different…

Just seriously hide the candy somewhere good if you keep it in the house, because that would be terrible to explain later… 😬

So- what’s the trick?

The Switch Witch!
My friend shared a link for this book called the Switch Witch- You should check it out and buy it, because there’s a really good cause behind it.

Here’s the link because for some reason the link text formatter isn’t working and I really want you to have the link: The Original Switch Witch (it’s not an affiliate or anything I just think it’s the most amazing idea and has an amazing story and purpose too!)

Personally, I didn’t buy it yet. So, I told Natalie about who I think the Switch Witch is, and I left plenty of room for error. That way I can tell her I was wrong if the book suddenly shows up at our house to set us straight.

But even so, Natalie is SO excited to invite the Switch Witch to our house!!! 🤩🤩🤩 And, she got a little lesson in personal finance too I think. (#unschoolwin #homeschool)

If you’re thinking you want to wing it with the Switch Witch convo, here is how my end of the conversation with Natalie went: 

The Switch Witch comes on Halloween night while you’re sleeping and SWITCHES your candy for a toy!!

It’s a secret. Not many people know about her.

I heard about her at work this morning.

Just some people were talking and I overheard them.

Yeah, she takes your Halloween candy and leaves a toy! Like the tooth fairy. Kind of.

Only, she doesn’t want your teeth.

The tooth fairy is SO weird!

I don’t know why she wants the teeth.

No, the candy doesn’t go under your pillow. You probably leave it on the table or something.

If you want the Switch Witch to bring you a toy you have to give her almost ALL of your candy.

Even your favorite candy.

She will know if you cheat her.

Because she can smell the candy you kept.

Or yeah, maybe her cat can smell it, you’re right.

You have to send her a hand written letter to ask her to come.

She will know if your mom wrote it.

She will take the candy and not leave a toy if you do her wrong.

Man!! Stop trying to cheat the system!!!

You HAVE to write it yourself, and you have to leave her ALL the candy.

Fine. ALMOST ALL of it!

Okay, your mom can help a little with the writing.

No. It can only be one toy.

No. It can’t cost more than $20.

Because we don’t want to bankrupt the Switch Witch.


It’s like if she ran out of money to pay her bills, then they would come take her broom to sell it, and she’d have to walk everywhere. So she wouldn’t be able to bring any toys.

I don’t know where she lives.

It’s not on the internet.

I doubt it’s close enough to walk there.

She doesn’t have a computer.

Sure, we can look on Amazon and find the toy you want, and verify the price, and send her a picture of it too, with your letter, because she doesn’t have a computer, and she doesn’t know what Google is. That is a great idea!!

She has a P.O. Box. We can send it there.

Like ours at the post office.

So that people don’t know where she lives.

We can ask the postmaster what the box number is.

She likes to keep her life private. She doesn’t want unexpected guests.

You’re right. That is exactly why we can’t look her up on my phone to see what she looks like, and where she lives, and what her broom looks like, and all the other hundred things you want to know about her.

Uh…She doesn’t have a computer because she can’t afford one.

No, she’s not “Bank-skrupt -ed” yet. They’re probably sending her notices though.

Like reminding her to pay the bills.

Because she doesn’t have a lot of money.

Because candy isn’t worth much at resale.


It’s kind of like when I have to send a curtian to someone in the mail from the eBay instead of sending them to the store.

Um, no we can’t buy your candy back from her.

Because, then WE would go bankrupt.

Maybe she should sell curtains too, you’re right.

Or she could go work at the Y sometimes.

But she’s a witch. So she should probably keep a low profile.

Profile? Like, she shouldn’t have a lot of attention.

Because she couldn’t keep up with all the Switch Witch requests since she can’t automate them without a computer.

Automate? Um…

….-So, -anyways- Halloween night, after you go to bed the Switch Witch will come take your candy and leave the toy!

I know it’s awesome!

I can’t wait either!!

We better get her LOTS of candy!! 

You DO need more Barbie food for your Barbie kitchen!

Yeah, the bank can scrupt our broom. They’d probably rather take our car….

No, no, no! I haven’t seen any notices, so I am sure we are safe. Bankruptcy is NOT something you need to worry about.

Yeah, that’s true that we should probably check the post office box.

I’m sure the bank is not after our broom or our car. I was just kidding.

Well… I mean… She’s probably not facing bankruptcy either. I was just saying…. I mean, we really shouldn’t talk about other people and whether they are paying their bills or not.

It’s just… we shouldn’t.

BECAUSE I SAID SO! Hey- let’s look at Amazon now for some ideas on what to ask the Switch Witch for!!!


Don’t Worry

My Uncle Buddy had cancer and passed away in 2007. We didn’t get to spend a lot of time together, but the time we did have was really meaningful. He introduced me to playing the drums, the Smithsonian magazine, and Dave Ramsey. He always got me a book for christmas or a gift card to a book store, and he inspired me more than he probably knew, to have a better future. Before he passed I visited him in the hospital, and took him a card. When it opened, it played the verse, from Bob Marley, Three Little Birds, “Don’t worry, about a thing, cuz every little thing, it’s gonna be alright. This is my message to you-ou-ou.” We didn’t have a ton to talk about, it was a really short visit, and I left awkwardly, without hugging him or anything. A few days later my Grandma said that Uncle Buddy had called her and he was really excited that I had visited and he was so proud of the card I had given him. It struck me because I didn’t think it had been a profoundly great visit. He passed away maybe a week or so after that.

But that song. It played on the jukebox the last night I ever worked in a bar. It was some poor, first-year law school student’s ring tone, that went off as the teacher introduced herself on my first day of law school, and it was the song played at the live Dave Ramsey event I attended a few years ago. That song. It comes on and always sends me a message, and usually brings me to tears. Last night I attended another Dave Ramsey event, this time at our church, and this morning as I logged onto my computer to fact check his “free will” he told everyone to download (that’s my turf, Dave. Get off it.) I turned on the music, and, it was that song.

I didn’t realize his love for me until I had a nephew of my own.

I don’t know, it’s weird, but I totally think my Uncle speaks to me through Bob Marley, and reggae music. Do you have a loved one who is gone that you think sends you support, and shows you they are here?



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