Gone Rogue

It’s the first day of summer!!! I had to take Grandma to the doctor this morning and when I got home I immediately replaced my “going to the doctor clothes” with tiny gym shorts and a tank top. I made a couple sandwiches for us and some shakes, (shameless shakeology plug) and grandma said, “What is left on your to-do list today?” I said, “Oh just a couple hours in the office, a workout video, and a quick client meeting.” SHE WAS SHOCKED!

“You’re going to the office dressed like that??!”

Real quick- I was also shocked, because I thought she knew that my office is in our house, just down the hall. It has been for many months now. Getting old is hell. She says that all the time. Those moments are hard. I haven’t had an office outside the house since last October. But she still thinks I have an office somewhere else.

So I said, “I’m working from home today.” and didn’t call her attention to the fact that I work from home every day. I meet with clients via video chat, and I never never never wear a suit to the office.

As a lawyer, I have basically gone rogue. And here is my new product to prove it! Built in gym shorts and on a shakeology high I made a new product for landlords called “GTFO!”

GTFO? Yup. Get the Forms Online. Nice twist, huh? Basically, they can click on the link to get a flow chart of the eviction process, but as time goes on I will be adding all kinds of landlord tenant helpful information. It’s not quite finished, the free form will just be a cool filler for the next few hours until I complete it, but I am too excited to wait! Check it out here! Let me know what you think!

My mission is to help tenants, actually. But I found out I can help them the best by making better landlords. So my new law firm theme this summer is, Rogue. To deviate from the standard, normal, expected procedure, and to embark on a shockingly alternative path. GTFO is just the beginning! melinda-schmuck-law-pllc


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